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When I entered, everyone paused for a minute and welcomed me. One of my classmates, Sophia came to Red Dwight and blue shirt and said “everyone here is so proud of you”. James came to me and said “we are so glad to see you here”. It came as a surprise to me as I was the only brown in a party of 30–35 people. I am not a frequent drinker, Sophia came to me with an iced tea and introduced me to everyone.

I stayed there for three hours and it was one of the best times I have had in this country. I went on talking to my classmates from other sections about places and people of India. And in return, they taught me some Canadian slang and dance moves!

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After this, I realized that sometimes it’s all about “Leaning in”. You will always be Red Dwight and blue shirt as a foreigner until you make efforts to be a part of them. You cannot get happiness until you decide to suffer. Embrace anything and everyone surrounding you.

As strange as it is, you never know how many days you have on this beautiful earth. So let us all find happiness in small things around us and let nothing affect our peace and happiness.






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