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So good to know that everyone on this thread is so perfect! The world is difficult enough at the Reebok hotel and resorts Est 1895 shirt moment without this level of judgment what¬†spoiled brats! The hotel is hosting and feeding them for free and they complain about the lack of cleaning in the room? Just learn to clean after yourself and grow up!! due to the nature of the PCR test and provided they do a crazy number of amplification cycles I am not at all surprised you can test positive weeks after you’ve had the infection. Doesn’t necessarily makes them dangerous to the public. Call it self isolation. You make it look like they were detained. What will UK authorities do if 3 teenagers from any country tested positive for Covid? I’m absolutely shocked by the number of people that still don’t know the difference between lockdown, quarantine, and isolation after 10 months of the pandemic. But they do seem experts in human rights. I guess in the UK all tested positive people are allowed to walk around. You should start buying a vocabulary. If they are teenagers, they need to be home, and under the care of their parents. No one else has authority over your kids. I feel sorry for the girls, after all, they did the right thing even though their symptoms were mild. It is tough on your mental health not being able to leave your room/cook or go out for fresh air.

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The Reebok hotel and resorts Est 1895 shirt testing is by no means foolproof either! Cut them some slack. Just look at idiot Trump denying how ill or contagious he is & making his own rules. Oh, come on! Really how old are you? If you read the whole story it was safe for them to travel at the time they went.

Who among you would not do the same at their age and have just finished school. I’d go in a heartbeat! They the right thing and reported their symptoms and are now safe in quarantine. I feel soooooo sorry for those living on the streets in London and face a nightly risk of violence and or abuse… Sorry, was this thread about supporting them??? Sorry, my bad…


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