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So that’s why the Relly B durrellyrell WMR shirt White House basement flooded! I’m in Arizona and had to find out on the Beeb. Go figure. And amidst flash flood; Trump announcement on clean air and sparkling water! Fake news, just the left trying to stir up trouble for the great President Trump and his environmental policies. Does this mean God is paying America back for all it’s evil and jealousy against other lower countries? I mean past weeks it was an earthquake now flooding who knows what will come next, May God Save the innocent. If evangelicals think God uses weather to punish…well, shouldn’t they believe He has just let loose some wrath on their favorite dude? God seems to like to use floods to wash away evil. The White House basement literally flooded while he was giving a speech in the building about how he is such an environmental champion. It is so embarrassing to be American. I wish only the Trump towers and homes are affected and the rest are safe. I’d be happier if his room in the White House is only affected and the rest are safe. America is feeling sorry for the Netherlands, one third of the land is below sea level, we have experienced heavy rains for days and yet we haven’t had flash flood since that catastrophic event in 1953.

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Learn from the Dutch when it comes to Relly B durrellyrell WMR shirt water management. Nature does not see how far it has been cruel to the devastated areas. Extreme cold, extremely hot & heavy downpours have engulfed many parts of the world where human life has been badly affected. Obviously, it is the consequence of climate change.

All countries including Washington need to focus more seriously on the havoc being created time and again due to climate change & increasing pollution all over the world. I was glad I worked from home today. I didn’t go anywhere until the rain had slowed. For a while there all I could see in the parking lot was what looked like a layer of mist but was actually torrential rain.


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