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I am all for diversity and Rip Sean Connery 007 1930-2020 shirt equality. However, I see casting 007 as a female as a bit silly. The film industry could literally create a new female spy and create some amazing similar films that even exist within the Bond universe. Why don’t they? Personally, I agree with this decision. Bond has always been a man, it’s originally a book about a man. No need to change it just to be all PC. This is the right decision. I can’t even believe this is a question and that the producer has to comment in this regard. This world is becoming ridiculous. James Bond is a man. Full stop. And Lara Croft is a woman. The author wrote the character as a man. Get over it. If the author had written a female as the character I would say the same to a suggestion we should swap her out for a man. What’s wrong with him being male and white?

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If people desperately need an iconic character of different races, colours, and Rip Sean Connery 007 1930-2020 shirt then why not build a totally new original character? Rather remake an old-established one? I’m a woman and I don’t want James Bond to be a woman because it can’t be because of the name. The doctor can be any sex because the name doesn’t identify a gender. Anyways there are more important things going on in the world.

Thank goodness for that why doesn’t someone create a female spy of the same style as Bond I’m sure there are loads of strong women actresses who could take on the role . We now get offended on other people’s behalf, most stories are written by an author that has a vision that they want for their character. I do not want to see a female Bond, any more than I want to read a book about “Little Men”. There have to be other movie ideas out there. If not, just shut up and move on. We do not have to REMAKE everything.


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