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Not just Democrats. That was a section, and the Samuel L Jackson turns 72 years old shirt 25th amendment needs to be invoked ASAP. Any Republican who doesn’t condemn this is the vilest sort of hypocrite if they have ever claimed to support law and order.No one has proven it was Trump supporters who perpetrated this. There the fake news goes again, telling people what they “think” rather than what they actually know. In what world does it make sense to leave a maniacal manbaby with access to nukes in charge of a country to continue his tyrannical tantrums for his last two weeks? I do not understand why Trump is being blamed. That is like blaming a car because there was a wreck. I would be willing to bet my life on the fact that he did not want this to happen. Everyone is accountable for their own actions, you should not blame someone else. The Left is now trying to bully every conservative in this country into submission. They are making it socially acceptable to go after every person that has supported this President as if we should feel ashamed. Sadly, however chilling and outrageous his words were when Donald Trump Jr said that many of the supporters were no longer Republicans but Trump supporters, he was right. If calls are just growing then there really is something fundamentally wrong with the system.

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The Samuel L Jackson turns 72 years old shirt man I sighted hate and violence. Arrest him. I don’t care who he is, no scrub that, the fact that he was president makes it even more important to make an example of him, the more justification there should be to arrest him. If we don’t expect our leaders to be better versions of ourselves then we are asking far too little of our leaders. Disgraced outgoing President Trump should step down gracefully with dignity

BUT he tried to cling to power and used his supporters and used them to exploit unrest and violence in the capital. Should be impeached and lock in jail when the new President takes over. However, trump can always seek political asylum with his newfound friend Kim Jong Un from North Korea. China may also consider offering him and mike Pompeo asylum in one of the mountainous regions in Tibet.


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