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Samantha Stokes Julie Phelan Martin Shakeshaft see if you would have kept those kittens in Spain you could have been way ahead of the game with this one?Kym Passey Clare, Clare & Louise, let’s get the dogs out there, I know mine wouldn’t sit still for Say yes to new adventures shirt long enough! ?Darren Andrew Williamson James Taylor you need to show Dougal this. Tess Hall Colin Hall, bring Hamish the next time we go! Helen Foster Stephen Ned Foster. You and Noodle should take up this hobby. Polly Sharman Don’t you just love her?!? Hilary and Marcus – made me think of your beautiful, dear Boo – on your canal boat. Happy memories of a lost loved, and still so loved, precious one.?Irene Prosser I like Noodle. She doesn’t mind being different. Besides she is hoping for some fresh lunch. Lots of it under that water
Say yes to new adventures shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies-tee and tank top

v-neck t-shirt

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Always have wanted to try this. Never thought of taking the cat ? with me. Now to choose which cat. Tom Angelo few things I just learned from here i.e. sense of loyal, fondness, kindness, love, passion, tenderness and attachment. awesome. It may take me a while. Rachel Pickford Rachel Heath Alice Paynter I think we should channel the cat: next step is paddleboarding on each other’s shoulders ???Elizabeth Zanetti So sweet. 🙂 If it was my cat (and it’s not) I would put a Say yes to new adventures shirt cat reflective lifesaving jacket on her. You never know what can happen. My cat is a Ragdoll and she loves getting involved in everything. She is so in awe and gentle with wildlife.


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