School counselors are all heart shirt




Janine Iaciofano Good – help keep the School counselors are all heart shirt nhs free from so many more infected people. Protect the children from their families, protecting the teachers from their families. It needs to stay shut u till it is safe to send them back – or what was the point! Sue Richards We still have 6 weeks until that date. Things will have progressed for the better. The article states that schools if they were to reopen have to have stringent measures in place so they need to plan this out. All these things take time. Our kids need education. As long as no teachers/ support staff have been symptomatic then we can look at it. My son is in specialist school his teachers wanted to support the kids as many keyworker children couldn’t get a place due to their vulnerability.

School counselors are all heart shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies-tee, and v-neck t-shirt

School counselors are all heart shirt
School counselors are all heart shirt
School counselors are all heart shirt
tank top
School counselors are all heart shirt
v-neck t-shirt

Phoenix Young, I think this is School counselors are all heart shirt too early and I would be very reluctant to send my child back before I saw evidence it was safe to do so. I will do anything to minimize that risk. Michele Mackenzie Ellis Mine won’t be going back… I’m leaving it as long as possible. Homeschooling is working great as the school has been really good! My children are doing their work. I’d rather have them around me safe than risk going back too soon. I’ve got a daughter in Yr 6 so she is missing out on everything, I’d certainly not risk sending her in for 6 weeks and risk everything I’ve done to protect her so far!!

Elaine Heaton 12 week lockdown for medical issues to protect people is only ending around 13th June – if it doesn’t get extended, no wonder the experts are saying it will peak again in a School counselor few months !!! Children should remain home in a safe environment. Sofia Alice Schools need to be one of the first things to reopen as this will help get parents back to work and kickstart the economy again. A full lockdown like the ones we have in place now in so many countries across the world is so unsustainable in the long term and will inadvertently cause further deaths from other conditions and even more desperate financial hardship.BBC


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