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Zara Bowyer My 8-year-old daughter drowned, I wasn’t with Shad Gaspard Superheroes never die shirt her and the guilt eats me up, this was one brave selfless dad. We would do anything for our children. may he rest in peace . A traumatic and painful loss for his family. I hope they find comfort. He showed the strongest love right until the end. This tragedy leaves a sting in the heartstrings Gaynor Richards Condolences to his loved ones. The same thing happened here in jamaica last Sunday. a mother went into the river and successfully saved her daughter, but paid with her life. buy BBC

RIPZuzana Rybarova I’m sure he was the best father and man, but he didn’t save his son, lifeguards did. And if they were professionals, they did not do it just because Gaspard told them to. They have rules and exact procedures they have to follow during these situations. So if they saved the boy first, it was because the situation required it, not simply because someone told them to do it.

Shad Gaspard Superheroes never die shirt, t-shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies-tee, and tank top

Shad Gaspard Superheroes never die shirt
Shad Gaspard Superheroes never die shirt
Shad Gaspard Superheroes never die shirt
tank top
v-neck t-shirt
v-neck t-shirt

Sean Kimble Ladies n Gentleman “The Hero” Shad Gaspard Rest in Power to Shad Gaspard Superheroes never die shirt this Mighty Mighty Good Man Husband and Father Let’s give him a WWE salute in the squared circle ring the bell.2020 is just a tragedy…. how many people died this year? Kobe, KimJong Un, and coronavirus took lots of people away….oh wait, Kim Jong Un is still alive. Anyway, RIP for Shad Gaspard, you are a hero, we will remember you. Now, we have to take everything around us preciously. Beverly Dillon My condolence goes to the families who have lost someone in their family. He died to try to save his child, he was a good father. This is painful for the family and those that weren’t there for the child my prayers are with y’all too we must lay our burdens down and put our trust in God to see us through


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