Share yarn make friends shirt


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Bell Saroj Love the Share yarn make friends shirt philosophy behind creativity. An overactive mind can be a hindrance! The real talent in the art too. Keep sharing, please. Thank you.John Benton stunning, such a great perspective in and on art and life. love antenna Lancetta You are fantastic! I wish your works could be permanent, they really brighten people’s days!Janice Erskine How fabulous. The characters he creates would be amazing for films & storybooks. What talent!

Share yarn make friends shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies-tee, and v-neck t-shirt

Share yarn make friends shirt
Share yarn make friends shirt
Share yarn make friends shirt
tank top
Share yarn make friends shirt
v-neck t-shirt

Susannah Garland I absolutely love this! Expansive creativity married with positivity! Well done David. Please continue to be a Share yarn make friends shirt distraction and focus in such negative times. Art takes you into a separate world in your head. Cin Dez Page ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!!!  Too bad there isn’t something to spray on the art to make it permanent (or at least until new concrete is poured over it if the city is wanting to make repairs due to possible injuries).Caryl Taylor, I love what you do and understand it. I used to do this with inkblots at school, and think what you do is wonderful. Like the sand artists, it is sad to see the work wash away. I wouldn’t like that.

Alison Morley If these drawings were permanent, wow, just imagine how lovely, lively, and interesting our streets would be. Instead of Share yarn make friends shirt grey pavements, we would have something to bring a smile to our faces and brighten our days. Lynn Hocking Fabulous artwork, such a joy to look at and especially for children who will love it. I definitely agree with others about preserving it by him getting permission first which is really a priority then if given the okay he could spray some long-lasting effects over the drawings so that they don’t wash away with the rain, they would be perfect for children’s playgrounds, nurseries, infants schools, etc. Pity he’s not in this country in the UK he would be perfect for our streets and towns etc. BBC


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