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The expression became common in English, such that Sho’nuff shirt the order is conventional whenever the two colors appear together for any reason. “White and black” just sounds like petting a cat backward feels. But note that Blanco y negro, “white and black,” is the more usual form in Spanish. “Could be…” leaves way too many options. Do you wish to defend your home against a single armed intruder? Multiple intruders? Unarmed intruder? Do you want the upper hand in a sho’nuff gunfight? Then that’s an AR platform rifle in 5.56 NATO. Low recoil, dependable and easy to shoot. On the other hand, if all you anticipate is scaring the bad guys off, almost anything will do. Even a .22 caliber handgun will do.

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For those who object to Sho’nuff shirt a low caliber, I ask, “Tell me what caliber you don’t mind being shot with?” And the lowly .22 probably kills more people than any other. We’d had a house fire, and my ex- left me with no kitchen, no plumbing, no bathroom, no HVAC, studded up walls, a microwave, holes for where the windows were going to be, and extension cords poked through the garage wall, hardwired to the breaker box. He was the GC by contract and license. To me, this film holds a special place in my heart, as it represents the best of what black Americans can be. Not portrayed as drug dealers, pimps, thieves, or brutes. But regular folks who just have their hands full with life in New York City. And yes it does have a martial arts central theme, but it’s within that same theme that you see the role didn’t have to go to someone white or Asian, but for a person of color who can still command the screen on par with his counterparts.


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