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Human Skulls are commonly categorized into three Skull And Weed Love Sunset shirt: European, Asian and African. In the picture above, Michael Phelps has a European Skull while Jack Ma has an Asian skull. There are normally at least three moveable bones in the human skull. The most obvious is the mandible, the lower jaw, but in each ear is a little bone called the malleolus (or malleus), the hammer, which strikes (moves) another little bone called the anvil. Attached to the anvil is a third little bone called the stirrup which attaches to the optic nerve (the Eighth Cranial Nerve) to enable the sense of hearing. I’m not sure if the stirrup actually moves or not, but it seems to me that would be a good question for you to research.

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Though unreliably. That’s the Skull And Weed Love Sunset shirt about .22lr wounds. Partially because of their speed but low mass, they don’t always penetrate. .22lr rounds are more than capable, but they may bounce off. Certain parts of the skull are more penetrable, while some are flatter. The former is where the skull is weaker, like the temple. The latter doesn’t allow the force to go anywhere. For instance, the forehead. However, even the strongest, roundest parts of the skull can be penetrated. There are dozens of variables. A glancing shot against the densest parts of the skull is less likely to penetrate. A straight shot is more likely to penetrate.


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