Skull keep calm I make art shirt



Arthur Norbury Amazing when reading all the Skull keep calm I make art shirt comments you realize the number of dishonest people about in particular at the top. This awful virus started somewhere and we all know where I would like to know why. The things we crazy human beings end up doing is beyond belief, we all end up suffering over the actions of a few. Sujith Ponnamperuma China hid everything from the world to avoid financial impact. Then misled W H O. Initial assessment on the outbreak was covered up with corrupt officials. If WHO acted soon enough to quarantine China as a country, the world should be in a better place now. Instead, WHO let China spread all over the world.

Skull keep calm I make art shirt, t-shirt, hoodie, tank top, ladies-tee, and v-neck t-shirt

Skull keep calm I make art shirt
Skull keep calm I make art shirt
Skull keep calm I make art shirt
tank top
v-neck t-shirt
v-neck t-shirt

Damilola Olusegun Ayodele The Skull keep calm I make art shirt conspiracy theory alleged by some people between China and perhaps the World Health organization could be factual. It is high time the Pandora’s box is open…..Jennifer Taylor They dare not admit to any coverup as, if true, their culpability could result in such swinging compensation claims from around the world, it would literally bankrupt China and destroy all the economic power they have spent years building up. One must, however, draw a very clear distinction between the state apparatus, and indeed powerful “businessmen/women” earning money for their Chinese puppeteers, and the many ordinary Chinese people who have succeeded in escaping China

Stephen Pritchard, I was bad over Christmas. I definitely had the virus then. China and the WHO keeping it quiet… it is disgusting. Cost thousands of lives that could have been prevented !! 2020 year of the deception. Frances Peacock Johnstone So how come New Zealand did so well? Because their PM acted promptly. So you’re hoping this takes the flack away from our PM Boris Johnson. Not on your Nelly! If he had acted the way the New Zealand PM did we wouldn’t have had so many fatalities. Remember folks over 40,000 people died here in Britain because Boris did act when he should have no matter if the dates are different or not!  Unlike anything I’ve ever had before,


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