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BBC can’t Skull let’s get spooky shirt you please write about important issues such as the Clinton trafficking children instead of this rubbish continuously. I agree with Shane Devon. This must end. Natural disasters and pandemics can be addressed but Trump has to go. We do have the right to know. This country is supported by OUR money. WE pay the salaries of the intelligence people, so we have every right to know. I’m quite sure that democracy has just ended in the United States and that Trump will not be leaving office even if he loses the election. We are already experiencing the first stage of dictatorship.

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The public has a Skull let’s get spooky shirt right to know about domestic interference, as proven by Obama’s weaponization of the FBI. Democrats have a bunch of anti-American leaders in their midst. Keeping it lean will protect classified information. It might even expose the Democrat traitors. Especially as it’s the PUBLIC who will be subject to interference. Can this admin be any more blatant in their intentions? The House Intel Committee has forfeited its right to personal briefings. Either that or they should remove the leaker.  She is a disgrace. The public does have a right to know about public interference. Shadiest administration ever. Has the BBC joined the ranks of CNN et al. And, I for one don’t understand its reporting and its agenda. I think the BBC needs to remember its equally as foreign as Russia Today and other countries’ media and social influences and it needs to be less biased in its articles. Let the intelligence community work quietly rather than exposing their sources and methods of information gathering freely to the advisory by a so-called briefing. Greedy moles are everywhere and those in the senate are the worst ones.



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