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Amitabha Majumdar Lionel Dufay. Both Beatle and the Volks ‘beetle’ are homophones, but different. Moreover, The Beatles shirt  Beatles were in the majority. Sheila Braxton, I have loved The Beatles for 55 years. Only two are alive, but the same broad smile that I had at 13 years old STILL flashes across my face when I see Paul or Ringo. The moment they landed in America in 1964, I fell in love with them. I love how some people I know my age have called the Beatles “overrated”… Like, you literally weren’t there to experience that cultural impact!!! You can choose not to like them, don’t get me wrong, but unless you were around during that seismic shift in music as we know it, you literally can’t call it ” overrated ” with any validity.

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Shana Daifallah Loved the movie Yesterday. Rented it last weekend for my kids to watch and they enjoyed it. We’ve been requesting Beatles music on our Alexa ever since. Andrea Petersen The Beatles got a million young men to pick up guitars and start bands that sounded like The Beatles. Kraftwerk got a thousand young men to  The Beatles shirt buy synthesizers and invent entire new genres. Nicanor S. David I grew up with Abbey Road and there was a time, before my taste became a little bit more sophisticated, that this was my favorite Beatle album. Why? You can spend a whole day in front of the turntable, spinning the LP over and over again. All the songs are catchy, well-produced and they flow into each other. The transition from Golden Slumbers to Carry that Weight is a perfect example.


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