Sorry I’m late I saw a flamingo shirt




Flamingo egg yolks are absolutely NOT pink. The yolks are deep yellow to Sorry I’m late I saw a flamingo shirt, depending upon the nutrient load the mother flamingo has had during egg development. All of the pictures I have seen of pink-yolked eggs have been common chicken eggs (both with brown shells and white shells). The pink color is a simple color replacement done digitally with Photoshop or other similar graphics program. This especially easy to do with a photo of a white-shelled egg or of an egg that has been dumped out of the shell onto a single-color surface. So far, I have not come across even a photoshopped image of a real flamingo egg that has been opened, but that day will probably come as someone with too much time on their hands figures out how to preserve the true colors and textures of the real flamingo egg’s outside surface, while easily turning the yellow yolk to pink. It’s pretty difficult to find images of opened flamingo eggs, so we may have to wait a little while.

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Sorry Im late I saw a flamingo sweater
Sorry Im late I saw a flamingo ladies tee

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I do not know how this Sorry I’m late I saw a flamingo shirt got started as a “thing,” though I have seen it on several blogs that publish urban legends and “this is unbelievable!” kinds of “facts.” They are correct…this IS unbelievable because this “fact” is an “alternate fact. Your question intrigued me. I grew up in Hialeah Florida and toured the Everglades a few times. A beautiful bird exists without any written recipes. I checked the history of early settlers of Florida and they had shrimp, crab and all sorts of fish to eat. They ate turtle but I have found no reference to eating flamingos. I have found no evidence of the Seminoles eating them. The only time I have seen flamingo slaughtered and dressed for a meal was in the most recent Tarzan movie. And that’s a work of fiction. Living in South Florida I never heard of anyone shooting, dressing and cooking flamingo. And I am glad I didn’t.


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