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Alan Mulqueen, I know it’s hard to Sphynx glasses American flag Americat dad shirt plan something like that as of the outcome… but it’s a wonderful thing to do for future reference… be proud with what you’re doing it’s brilliant… his grandchildren will appreciate everything about it… they are memories that will last forever…Cheryl Anne Pinch Much love to the family such an incredible thing to do, a memory to cherish forever! Any diagnosis is heartbreaking but I’m glad u will have a video like this to remember him by. I wish I’d of done one of my dads before he passed in June 2018. Hugs to any family that’s going through this. Please take pictures together and videos. Voice recordings. Anything to remember them by and to look back on

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Patricia Ang Memory likes the corner of my eyes. Sweet of them to Sphynx glasses American flag Americat dad shirt care and cherish every moment of their Dad’s last moments and on video. God Bless.yrs on from filming is their dad still alive we’re now in yr 2020 update would be nice from his sons if their dear dad has passed or not ( sorry )Bobbie Pusey I know what it’s like to watch someone you love succumb to this terrible disease. I lost both my husband and son within 5 wks of each other in 2009. My thoughts and prayers are with you all. Angie Brailsford Wonderful man. Im sure you are very proud of him. I have terminal cancer n hope to be around to see my first grandchild. To have another 14 years would be wonderful. Love thoughts prayers to you all


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