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They’ve had the St Patrick’s Day Leprechaun gamerchaun shirt vaccine because of their age, not their status! If the latter was the case, they would have been vaccinated first! Yes, frontline workers should be a top priority but it’s being rolled out based on age and vulnerability instead. I doubt you’d complain if your granny or grandad had just had it! Reading some of these comments absolutely disgusts me. What the hell happened to loyalty and respect. Respect for your elders and loyalty to your Queen and country.Loads of people on here saying this isn’t breaking news!! A lot of the older generation have grown up with the Queen and support the monarchy, them hearing about the Queen receiving her Covid Vaccine will be reassuring for them and may push them to get it. Only a select few are allowed near her anyway who is bound to be tested regularly. But if she is to carry on her duties she will definitely need it and is very much entitled to it at her age. Not breaking news as they should have already had it due to age. but shows how really sad people are on Facebook when they complain about it and make ridiculous statements about getting it due to wealth and privilege. As they should.I mean just the other day I was worrying when the Queen and Prince Phillip would receive their vaccinations…

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They deserve the St Patrick’s Day Leprechaun gamerchaun shirt best. As we all do. But at their age, they deserve it every bit as much as anyone else. And they were not the first to get it. Despite the wealth, they have from all the gold from Africa. Some people just won’t let the past lie.

The world would be a better place if they concentrated on the present and the future. Whether you support the monarchy or not the fact that two very elderly people have been vaccinated – in a time frame apparently like others of a similar age – is A Good Thing. I feel my life is so much more fulfilled for knowing this exciting news.


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