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I do not live in Georgia but I do think Stacey Abrams is awesome! Stacey Abrams Shirt I would vote for her anyway. She is a strong woman who has great ideas to better those in Georgia. Be Smart, Vote For Her! I dont care what color she is. I would vote for her over her opponent purely based on the voter restrictions her opponent has put in place solely to help his own campaign….no m ok re corruption!!“Mr. Kemp has attacked Ms. Abrams for being “too extreme” for Georgia, pointing to her plan to expand the Medicaid health program for the poor to stem a rural hospital shortage.”Vote on universal and comprehensively shared issues, not on race, religion, or skin tone, otherwise, it’s bigotry based on ignorance and hate.  Because whoever wins the other will challenge the result. Ms. Abrams. There were obstruction and rampant voting machine issues during this election. I’ll be among the masses who head to Ga for a huge strike/demonstration if a legitimate victory was stolen from her! That volunteer seems to think because she invested her time in her candidate, she is owed something…

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We get your point, however, if a particular race keeps emerging to Stacey Abrams Shirt assume a particular position of influence, over time racial bias sets it, ergo the position automatically gets appropriated to the person of the said race, and inclusiveness is rendered futile, that’s why affirmative action exists. My point, the minority or underrepresented should be given a chance to lead, that’s how competence is validated.

If qualified well for her if not then why, should she become governed to make firsts or have a great governor I hope she is the right person for the job, no matter what if we want hatred gone we have to address everything not just some people. Despite blatant and obvious republican corruption, she may even win which should tell us all something about our now banana republic.


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