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A lesson to every other US President. His reign put out America in the Star Baker Shirt spotlight with bad precedents bringing the Presidency to disrepute. Hopefully not. This was just another democrat attack on him. The attacks have been non-stop during his four years in office. Well if we really listen to his transcripts. Probably not. There isn’t much of a case there. Sorry. On another note, all this is doing is starting a tit for tat war.  I have a feeling this is going to be the new “game” our government is forcing us to watch. He was no angel but when we look at the previous incumbents and quite clearly a divided society including what does appear to be irregularities withing the voting ( which l believe should be investigated, and by principle would need to be investigated if he was brought before any tribunal) the powers at be may create a bigger divide by there actions. If Republicans can still stand by him after fearing for their lives and wondering if they’re getting home to their families then I despair.

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It’s not political, it’s ensuring that this vile excuse for a man never gets to Star Baker Shirt wield such power across the world again. The fact that he won’t be a president anymore, after the 20th, is good enough for me, and I dont even live in the poor USA. I do hope Biden can change things for the better for America, lets hope.

If a president like Donald Trump is impeached and removed from office, congress should also have the power to void all the pardons and medals that they gave to their cronies. I am happy enough he is leaving the White House soon. History will not be kind to him. He will remember the only President in US history who was impeached TWICE. What a sad Legacy.


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