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Erin Kathleen Those of us in Wisconsin are appalled. The fact that the GOP legislature put people’s lives in danger instead of postponing the election is unconscionable. I just hope my fellow Wisconsinites remember this when those who chose this path are up for re-election. Maggie Gurbelski It was your Governor that created your mess. He knew the law – all votes must be in Stay home and drink Busch light shirt on Election Day. He tried to create a seven-day extension on mail-in voting which is illegal because it allows for cheating. Know the facts and put the blame where it belongs. Has the US not figured out postal ballots yet? ?
It looks like they also need to teach everyone what 2 meters is. This would be hilarious if the entire world wasn’t currently in a pandemic.

Stay home and drink Busch light shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies-tee and tank top

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Rob Perkins Gods, I only came here to see the British try to make head or tail of our governmental system. Unfortunately, all I see are Yankee Trumpers embarrassing our nation. BOO! Steve Simon Can’t suspend all democratic freedoms for the virus, something has to survive and at least it gets people outside which can only be a positive thing. Betty Bates-Watkins The others were their state government which happens to Stay home and drink Busch light shirt be GOP. The GOP doesn’t care if people die. They only care about what’s in it all for them namely their pockets. Kim Price Justices who met remotely by teleconference because of The Rona just ordered the citizens of an entire state to risk their lives to exercise one of the most fundamental rights as Americans. Shameful.


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