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An exceptionally poor remark and subsequent move by this Landlord .. guess he/she missed the part about not moving anywhere during this time. Also, I’m pretty sure the Doctor was taking all necessary precautions to keep himself his patients and occupants of the property in question safe …This is unforgivable!!! Thankfully someone came to stay home and watch Doctor Who shirt his aid and now he has a place to stay. He says he holds no ill-feeling towards his prev landlord. That speaks volumes.!!! What a doctor. I wish him a full speedy recovery. Let’s look at this objectively. The doctor was living in a room at a house where a previous tenant (also a dr) was already dying from a highly contagious disease. Also, it was a different perspective landlord that told buy a tent, not the same one. I don’t condone the manner of eviction in any way

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Maybe what we need is volunteers across the country who simply say ‘I have a room, I’m happy for NHS staff to stay here while they’re working locally” it could be a landlord, it could be someone who just has a spare room. The landlord has a duty of care to other tenants in the SHARED house. This is not the time for a  Stay home and watch Doctor Who shirt misleading headline. The person was renting a room within a home and we don’t know the circumstances health-wise of the owner – physically or mentally- who could have been frightened. We don’t need headlines that trigger anger when everyone is trying to cope with this situation. I’m surprised at the BBC.


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