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Putin has no interest in the occupation of Kazakhstan, it makes no sense capturing the country that is an ally. Calm down and watch yourselves. Anyone has watched the Chinese Three Kingdoms? For me, Three Kingdoms is more entertaining. Game of Thrones has annoying plots and unnecessary sex scenes. This actually looks a lot more interesting than Game of Thrones. Shame I don’t understand a word of the language it will be in (unless it gets popular and they make an English dub). Isn’t it kind of misleading to call it a Stay home and watch game of thrones shirt version of Game of Thrones when in actuality it is historical fiction of the land Kazakhstan nothing to do with George RR Martin’s A Song of Fire and Ice. Caylin Marie Salvetti here you go, honey, when you finish Game of Thrones.

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But if it’s historically accurate to an extent…dodon’t make it, not like Game of Thrones? Because GoT is about fantasy…? That’s fine and dandy, but it’s not a true version/homage of Game of Thrones without the sex. Will they be brave enough to include that too?)))) we got to the pyramids of Egypt and old Rome, and looked into the eyes of the Roman emperors, Persian kings, we executed Persian King, we stormed Kyiv and Moscow. we broke the army of the Turks and we have built the Taj Mahal in India. China built the Great Wall of fear 5000 km. Welcome)))This is nothing to Stay home and watch game of thrones shirt¬† do with Game of Thrones. Got is based on fantasy novels by an old pervert. This is entirely different, based on history. BBC you created propaganda crap such as Merlin series, so why criticize another country.


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