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Chris Ring I don’t remember seeing so many comments about how France should have strict gun laws whenever a shooting happens. Everyone acts as if gun laws will end it.  Maybe if they used a Stay home for Cincy Cincinnati Reds shirt car and knife people would go on about how we should all have only butter knives and bicycles. And to everyone saying it’s because of Trump, what about the biggest shootings in America that happened before him getting into office?Miles Betterman Such sad, terrible news. The 2nd amendment is not a treasured right in this day and age but an abused law. The problem is that the people or persons you’re defending yourself from, also have guns. It catches 22. For example, here in the U.K. If I wanted a gun, I’d find it very very difficult as the availability just isn’t there.

Stay home for Cincy Cincinnati Reds shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies-tee, and tank top

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Seru V Mar There’s still more great disappointment ahead, this is starting to Stay home for Cincy Cincinnati Reds shirt become part of modern-day America. So saddening and greatly disappointing. The American system has failed her vulnerable people. Craig Goodsir Here is an idea completely out of the left-field that Trump might want to consider – tighten USA gun laws. American gun laws are the only thing more embarrassing for the USA than their President. Deb Anderson Every gun crime in America is a tragedy but after the Sandy Hook massacre in Connecticut and seeing those young children’s faces, if that cannot persuade governments or officials or whoever to change mindsets then nothing will! Cheryl Boxall Until they amend their gun laws this will keep happening.


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