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he Democratic-led proposal calls for a $13 hourly rate, on top of the pay that workers already receive from their employers. Payment would be capped at $25,000.
The money would go towards nurses, doctors, grocery store clerks, transit workers and other workers deemed essential. So, is this going to be a Stay out of my bubble COVID-19 shirt permanent solution to the true problem of income inequality? Amanda Hunter Aymond, I live in the US and there have only been 10 people test positive in my town. 0 deaths. I don’t think any of the 10 have even been hospitalized. Dave Burton, This is by far over. Until tests are readily accessible and, a vaccine is created this virus will continue. There are asymptomatic people out there that will keep the virus going. Resurgence is inevitable until the virus is capable of being controlled

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Best Stay out of my bubble COVID-19 shirt

Deb Petruzzi, It goes by State, further broken down by county. Then by city/town. Testing is so limited that all data is questionable. Mandy Lewis I often hear other countries call America the richest country in the world. But it’s not we, it’s only a few with all the money in America. Valerie Irvine Shealer No it’s not! Thousands of people are dying this week. In my county in a northeastern state, we get 1000 more cases a day. Nothing is leveling off. But thank you for thinking so. Steve Simon That’s was quick. Fantastic. At least they have an exit strategy and want to Stay out of my bubble COVID-19 shirt get back to things quickly. The virus will linger as we all get it and people will still die from it but that’s what viruses do.


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