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WEARING MASKS SHOULD BE COMPULSORY….Because the gouvernements were not prépare. That’s why. The best approach is to considère that everyone is a potential asymptomatic carrier and wear masks not to protect ourselves but to avoid transmission. Generalized tests and confinement for those tested positive. I have had enough of the words “the experts say..” Look at countries where they have contained the epidemic and have deaths in single figures !!! We don’t wear masks or have tests for Stitch face mask american #quarantined shirt  the simple reason that we do not have them. Nothing else. It is already obligatory where I live and frankly speaking, I feel much safer when I meet someone with it, and much more vulnerable if I leave the house without it. Of course, masks help with spread and reduce the chances of you getting it its basic physics.

Stitch face mask american #quarantined shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies-tee and tank top

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Best Stitch face mask american #quarantined shirt

If they didn’t help why are the NHS staff screaming out for them .? Since the Stitch face mask american #quarantined shirt  very start of the pandemic I’ve not seen any for sale anywhere which is perhaps why so few people are seen wearing them here. Please save masked for NHS, I work in, an NHS dentist we do not have the right people, we are running short of masks, gloves, we are still open seeing emergency patience, I have to triage patients, only treat those in severe pain, we do not want people with toothache and swellings turning up at A&E, hopefully over the next few weeks the government is working together with dentists to  set up emergency hubs, hopefully, the dentist will have the right protective equipment, we wear these masks to protect our patients as dentists are in a high-risk of catching coronavirus


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