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Pet turtles and tortoises are Stitch save the turtles shirt very popular among adults and children alike. The home they carry on their backs, and their slow and gentle movements are entertaining and endearing to watch. But choosing a name for these little characters can sometimes be a challenge. Thankfully there are plenty of ideas from other turtle and tortoise owners to use to inspire you. Check out this list of turtle and tortoise names to find the perfect one for your shelled friend.  Turtles and tortoises are mild, slow animals. Some are vegetarians. All have shells into which they can pull their heads and legs. While land turtles and tortoises have legs (and some snap), aquatic turtles have flippers. Based on all this, here are some favorite turtle and tortoise names that reflect turtle qualities. Turtles and tortoises have a rich history. Some are associated with the creation of the world or human beings; others are known to be wise.

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Stitch save the turtles shirt
Stitch save the turtles shirt
Stitch save the turtles shirt
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To Stitch save the turtles shirt more information about turtles and tortoises (and possibly a perfect name for your pet) look for articles about mythological turtles and tortoises from ancient Egypt, Africa, Mesopotamia, Greece, Rome, China, Viet Nam, and North America. While these names are a bit obscure for American pet owners, they may be the right match for your pet. Or they may just inspire you to learn more about the mythology and folklore that surrounds these fascinating creatures. It can take time to pick that perfect name so don’t be discouraged if you don’t like one right away. Get to know your turtle for a while. Observe him, find out what his favorite food is or whether he is active or shy. You’ll think of a name or find one you like this fits its personality.BBC


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