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Richard Elliott There is roads and there are people living on Stoner chick shirt. As for the Moai, although the Stoner chick shirt at best, thankfully there are hundreds of them on the island. Shawn Finn, I’m more surprised that Stoner chick shirt of Easter Island. Sudeshna Chakraborti How neglectful of the authorities to let motorized vehicles come so close to the sacred site! Rebecca Michi Sad news. I went to Easter Island on my Honeymoon and have very fond memories of the island. Soma Ganguly Simon This happened in Machu Picchu a couple of Stoner chick shirt when they were filming a beer commercial over a sacred altar. I think a few heads rolled after that too.

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Lida Rouba I like the Stoner chick shirt they refer to the statue in the British museum being ‘gifted by a naval captain’. Andre Franco Pretty sure the car is trash and the Stoner chick shirt still, well being a rock. Marika McLean 12000 tourists a month and they still want money for the up keepStoner chick shirt of their statues from overseas? What are you doing with the tourist revenues dear sirs? Dale Hewey, Clearly they need traffic restrictions near the statues. You can see the picture in the article. The truck did a pretty nasty job on the statue. Martín Beckdorf Just to be clear, the cover picture is not the moai in question. Amelia Alexandria I was today years old when I learned Easter island had tracks and a Mayer. Geoff Tree Crotty, Why did they build them so close to the road?


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