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Luqman Bastari What you do offshore (love relation with fellow crew, house problem, debt collectors, polygamy, yandere girlfriend, etc) are not to be brought on a military vessel. Keep it strictly professional. Once you go offshore you can go humping with your girl/boys as many time as long as you like it. We don’t want a missile or torpedo launch because of Sunflower submariner wife American flag shirt love spat. Callistus Cally Bunke Nwabuikwu Sins of the flesh, few .minutes of happiness and ecstatic feelings. Then lifetime of regret and misery. This captain now has been relieved of his job. He may also lose his job with shame and dishonor… Whatever you do be careful and control your emotions. Follow the rules in your job as it concerns inter-sex relations. Self-control is very important.

Sunflower submariner wife American flag shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies-tee and tank top

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Best Sunflower submariner wife American flag shirt 

Christian Koch, I’m the only one being surprised it was a female crew member?Ali Ahmed Rules are there for a reason and they must be adhered to at all times.Paul Robson What do you expect, when you put men and women together for months on end.Syed Jawad I think the radiation from the nukes gave him a weird boost that no viagra could give him.Paul Uecker If you’re going to  Sunflower submariner wife American flag shirt drive Missile boat you need to keep it in your pants.Zuliana Dian Prama ??? I don’t know my real relationship with sayang. Sayang I confused baby.. You knew it. Trevor Bland That’s what happens when you put your torpedo into the wrong tube only saying


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