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The lady behind the  Superdad Dallas Cowboys shirt counter though… she took her forever to get her hand on that phone receiver!! Yikes!! Good job Cowboy and the two meat department employees!! Cheers!! Derrick Meadows Wow am I the only one who saw the bad guy get a second weapon out really fast that was a blade wondering if the cowboy got stabbed at all and how many years the bad guy got. Andrew B Sekwati He was handed over to the police with a missing right hand, the last I saw, the butchers were taking him back to the butchery… I’m wondering how could he possibly go out running half-naked only after 2 seconds. God only knows what happened in those two seconds. It’s sickening and its getting worst Cell phone KILLERS need to be stoped.

Superdad Dallas Cowboys shirt, t-shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies-tee, and tank top

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Superdad Dallas Cowboys ladies-tee
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Na it is ridiculous when a gentleman could learn how to fight back against those violent people and learn how to  Superdad Dallas Cowboys shirt be not afraid of holding guns and learn to commit crimes more bravely and violently. Alex Ulloa I wonder if anyone realizes this was in Mexico. Probably not since everyone just glances at the video. Barbi Hale Waldo And it was a WHITE cowboy hat. When I was young, the guys in white hats were the good guys and the ones in black hats were the robbers .aChikwado Godwin Breaking news: please nobody should come outside tomorrow because I will be learning how to drive. Please heed my report and always be law-abiding. Spread the news. Jolly Dy Notice how it was seemingly business as usual with the cashier? Cowboy fearlessly took his glasses off… tossed them on the counter and had his game plan in an instant.! Like, yeah, one of those days. Hahaha.


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