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Cristal Crissy The poor dog was feeling the Superdad New York Yankees shirt wrath base on her stupidity. She doesn’t deserve an animal either. Laura Greenbank More people are offended by the treatment of the dog than the blatant racism that could have ruined that poor man’s life Tania Goudeau Hochhauser I’ve met that man in the video before multiple times. He’s a well-known bird watcher in Central Park. I recognized him immediately. He taught my husband and me about the hawk family that frequents the park. He gladly engages people with kindness. Sarah Yi This is just appalling, embarrassing, and disgusting. I feel so bad for Mr. Cooper! So glad he didn’t back down while showing respect and exhibiting patience, and he had the forethought to record this awful interaction. Ms.  That dog was also a poor victim as well.

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Superdad New York Yankees shirt
Superdad New York Yankees shirt
Superdad New York Yankees shirt
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Pelusa Ross People, do you realize how many more of you are indignant about her way of treating the Superdad New York Yankees shirt dog than about how she threatened the man? I am an animal person, but this call could have caused the guy a lot more pain if he hadn’t been video recording it. It just shows how ignorant, racist, and rude some people are. No manners at all. Marie Hall I don’t think that she realizes the enormity and horror at her behavior. A simple apology will not suffice. Her actions ‘could’ have resulted in the false imprisonment or death of this innocent man. She needs prosecuting.”She also returned her dog to the Abandoned Angels Cocker Spaniel Rescue, where she adopted it a few years ago, after allegations that she choked the dog while calling the police.” There is something seriously wrong with her.


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