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Alberto Ruiz I can’t see Quinton Dunbar doing that. he very respectful he’s been eating at subs on the Superdad Seattle Seahawks shirt run since he was a little kid. His father is a great man.. I don’t believe this. Lisa Williams I find it interesting that it seems there were four accusers, given four charges in two different categories, but if you read till the end of the article there are five sworn statements turned into prosecutors by defense attorneys stating these men were not involved in this incident. Why is that not being talked about earlier in the conversation and why are authorities not sharing that fact? Tori Novitski These guys are going to lose a ton of money.

Most NFL teams will include clauses in contracts that allow them to void some money due if the player engages in conduct detrimental to the team or they miss any time due to something not related to the injury. Aaron Towns N.Y. papers state they lost $71,000 gambling. They will probably, payback (off) the witnesses, and the charges will be dropped.  Jehoshua Pascal I don’t really get it.

Superdad Seattle Seahawks shirt, t-shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies-tee, and tank top

Superdad Seattle Seahawks shirt
Superdad Seattle Seahawks shirt
Superdad Seattle Seahawks shirt
tank top
v-neck t-shirt
v-neck t-shirt

Why would two NFL players do that? For 1, they’re already rich ( you can see what type of getaway cars they drove) and 2. Why would they want such negative press that would ruin their careers in the sport? Something doesn’t quite add up about this.  Linda Dold Shame on them! They make more money in a Superdad Seattle Seahawks shirt season than most people make in 5 years! Dominic Bradley Why would you do that when you can make the kind of money most people can only dream of without breaking the law? If it’s true, they must be crazy adrenaline addicts. Otherwise it just doesn’t make sense. That said, I don’t trust the U.S. justice system when it comes to black people.


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