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A huge thanks to all the companies that have been sending food to the London Ambulance Service stations. It’s very much appreciated. It makes a huge difference to our day xx. I’ve always had the utmost respect for NHS workers. Thank you so much for looking after them all during this time, especially while I can’t be with my mum! I hope this year’s honor lists will be mainly of Superheroes wear masks #nursesaresuperheroes shirt all hospital staff, ambulance medics, and supermarket employees. Thank you to all the generous people donating fresh food to all the heroes at this stressful time. They work so hard and never complain about saving lives and taking care of the sick.

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Best Superheroes wear masks #nursesaresuperheroes shirt

This is such a lovely gesture and speaking as a frontline key worker can say it’s much appreciated. However, let’s remember some of our society’s less fortunate at these times and perhaps they would enjoy and/or benefit from a meal too. Suddenly so much care and compassion for the NHS staff, before all of this COVID-19 crisis many people show no respect at all for NHS staff, going into hospital to visit their relatives and being very rude towards nurses and doctors, suddenly so much respect. It was a lovely surprise to receive this generous surprise from a Portuguese restaurant in Bishops Stortford. I don’t know which restaurant was but thank you very much!! It’s amazing and wonderful to see the goodness in people to Superheroes wear masks #nursesaresuperheroes shirt help those who helped us in this trying time. Great job to the NHS.


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