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Technology is Survivor I’m a warrior fight cancer shirt already on the roads…seems to be talking about changes to legalities regarding responsibility for crashes. Can’t wait to mess with all the driver-less cars in the next couple of years. As if the pandemic hasn’t killed enough people we are now being threatened with this stupidity. As if there isn’t enough chaos in this country this year, now they want to add it to an already disastrous situation! Does anybody actually want this? Surely if we are concerned about deaths there are many more causes of death to tackle such as smoking? How can the car understand smart motorways when people cant.

Survivor, I’m a warrior fight cancer shirt Hoodie, V-neck-tee-shirt, ladies-tee, and tank-top

Survivor I'm a warrior fight cancer Ladies-tee
Survivor I'm a warrior fight cancer Tank-top
Survivor I'm a warrior fight cancer  V-neck t-shirt
V-neck t-shirt
Survivor I'm a warrior fight cancer Hoodie

Some vehicles have Survivor I’m a warrior fight cancer shirt lane departures system now, what so different about this new system, why would anyone want to drive hands free unless they are lazy. Already the case in most German cars on our roads except that the indicators don’t work. What’s the point if we still have to be alert with eyes on the road at all times, might as well have my hands on the wheel while I’m at it? This isn’t automated it’s about as automated as cruise control. Its nowhere is near ready yet. It needs a lot more work on it yet, possibly will never work. Seems of good use of government time and resource during a pandemic and a recession. Aircraft travel airport to airport hands-free with a load of passengers and are safer than cars. So what’s the problem? Because each autonomous vehicle will keep to the correct speed and a safe distance at peak times average speeds will drop to about 5 MPH. Safe yes, effective no. So wot happens if you’re involved in an accident and you haven’t got control of your car? Who is to blame. 


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