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Whilst ever we still segregate by race, we will perpetuate racism. I am sure this wonderful person has worked hard to Talk About Badminton Shirt achieve what she has, and well done to her, but please, drop the race from the accolade. The sticks are a bit much, and I don’t see how the snitch works, but otherwise, it seems fun. Saw them playing this in Central Park last year – it looked bonkers! And was the snitch just a ball hanging from a sack? How long do these games even last? I have so many questions. Geez, let it go people. It was a fictional sport from a movie and a book it’s not a real sport. The premise of the sport was that it was for magic users only not muggles or regular folk. Look, they aren’t hurting anyone so it’s cool. Do not expect me to play along and call it a “real” sport because it’s not. It’s just ppl running around with broomsticks between their legs. It kinda comes across as a bunch of toff kids pretending to hold their cocks up and making rules up as they go along. Just play pool. If they really want to be taken seriously as a sport, eventually they will have to lose the brooms.

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They can compensate by amending the rules to Talk About Badminton Shirt say that they can only catch, hold, and throw the ball with one arm, or something like that. please tell me u r equally uncomfortable with the idea of that stick which acts as their broomstick. There is no technology do makes the average person fly. Not at this point.

Losing the stick between the legs would just reduce the uniqueness of the sport to just some sports parody of dodgeball and rugby combined. Watching that article actually made my day! I haven’t laughed so much for ages. What the hell was all that about? It reminded me of those women racing on those hobby horses. Weird!


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