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Everyone no matter how rich, how successful, or poor they are, Tampa Bay Buccaneers logo shirt shall eventually die. Just a matter of time. Being a billionaire I wonder how much he has taken with him nothing I suppose then what’s the point of running after everything everyday rest in peaceMaking unnecessary comments abt the dead indicates how stupid some people could be remember we all going to die someday. I truly find it sad that a person has died and whether you liked him or hated him ..grow a pair and show some respect for the dead. Think about his family and friends and what they are going through at his passing. Please show him the respect you would want when it’s your time. His family does not need to see this kind of behavior. Rest in Peace. Probably due to man united failure they need to sue Moyes but anyway rip. Despite all wealth death is not selective n everyone must die somehow…..

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Best Tampa Bay Buccaneers logo shirt

Being a billionaire I wonder how much he has taken with him nothing I suppose then what’s the Tampa Bay Buccaneers logo shirt point running after everything everyday rest in place I’m sure he would’ve paid every single penny he had to buy a few more days to live! Please respect life !! It’s worth a lot ..My dear mockers’ who knows tomorrow. don’t rejoice over apple sorrow cos we all re 1, and were prone to death which we don know when and how.

Did the club’s debts die with him? Hated the guy but now is not the time to celebrate his downfall. At the end of the day, he is still a husband, father, friend, and brother. RIP Malcolm. I for one didn’t like the fact these guys put our great club in the red, but fair play they have always supported the manager with the cash when they wanted to sign players, so RIP and thoughts are with his family at a very sad time whether rich or poor it doesn’t determine your position in heaven. Rest in Peace.


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