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Pretty sad and Tampa Bay Buccaneers Sky Helmet shirt disgusting that we have to wear spacesuits on our own planet because we have ruined the atmosphere.What an absolute load of crap, our species will develop as it has always done. Viruses will come and go, the weak will die, the strong will survive and produce strong offspring and natural immunity will occur! This bloke was way ahead of his time, full suit of metal. He’s even got a tinfoil hat to block Bill Gates from reading his thoughts. Must be a bit weighty to carry about though. Life will never be the same again. We are heading towards more chaotic events. Something must happen to rescue humanity. This is what the rich people will wear in a decade when the natural world has been destroyed to a point where the only way to have a decent and healthy life is when you have money. The rest can just suffer. All adding to the brain dead Zombie Apocalypse with the psychological mind games succeeding. Wearing a muzzle keeps those controls in place along with all the other indoctrination. Believe the ‘science’ if you must but this whole scenario has underlying conditions that have nothing to do with a ‘virus’ that the CDC cannot isolate and vaccinate against.

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Best Tampa Bay Buccaneers Sky Helmet shirt

Any hospitalization according to Tampa Bay Buccaneers Sky Helmet shirt correct science is not CV19 but the annual mutated flu with bacterial respiratory infection complications. Wake up before it’s too late. Nice to see that this hasn’t created a platform for anarchists, snowflakes, and Tossers in general.

Just wear the bloody mask and social distance. The young of course is bulletproof, so by and large don’t bother, sadly nor do they bother who they might pass it onto. Were the roles reversed their parents and grandparents would do anything to stop them from contracting it? It’s not rocket science, people are dying, yet soapbox agitators see a political bandwagon to leap aboard…


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