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I still don’t understand why the Tampa Bay FL football shirt sport is called football, why don’t they call it handball because the ball is on their hands 99% of the time. I definitely don’t believe that the NFL is progressive by any means. So when I look at how they finally changed their stance, I see now that it’s because the majority of people who now agree, also previously disagreed with this. Especially the players. This shows the NFL will only do what the people who watch and play for the sport want. Most Americans love football and it’s just the most amazing thing. So if most Americans love football does this mean that the stances that the NFL takes, reflect the current majority of America’s thoughts? When they risk half a stadium not coming to watch them, of cause they’ll allow them, especially these days, but not out of humility, the profits at stake! I think we can all agree on something. At least the NFL admitted they were in the wrong. That’s why American football is great! At least they can realize when they aren’t right. A man’s career was ruined because he dared to do what the whole world is now doing after four years. How does anyone repair that wrong…the exact fate of all blacks who dared to stand against racism. I hope the NFL’S position is genuine and counts for something. The NFL should have taken a knee with the players and stood with them and not Trump.

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Now they’re talking out the Tampa Bay FL football shirt on another side of their face not because it’s the right thing to do but because they think it’s the popular thing to do. Too little too late!Pretty sure they didn’t learn anything here except to be on the right side of history, if this recent murder of

George hadn’t happened and the reaction to it, it would be the same ole crap from the head office!Wrong to stop them doing, but not wrong to stop them doing it during the National Anthem, that was totally disrespectful to America. By all means, kneel, but after the National Anthem with a 2-minute silence kneel. The NFL is only concerned with saving face now that these protests could affect their bottom line and inflict collateral damage on their property.


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