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I respect what Kapernick did and the Tampa Bay football 1976 shirt sacrifice he was willing to make to advance a cause he believed in.  He has a much more important career ahead of him than playing a game. Would be great to see him get a shot and win something. To prove the whole league was wrong. I think the NFL has acted disgracefully through this and this apology is only going to mean anything if the players penalized are fully compensated. However, what this does show is that if a huge organization like the NFL which heavily relies on public opinion for its income can change its viewpoint and stand up for what is right then others can follow. Just maybe these players that took a knee can be a catalyst for corporate America to start to change. Trump “where are you”? One place you should be is also apologizing to these brave men for taking a peaceful knee to protest injustice. Most hollow apology ever. One must be utterly corrupt and morally bankrupt to have the audacity to utter such hypocritical crap. They literally destroyed a man’s career. I agree with the too little to the late crowd and trying to save face. At the same time, I’m grateful for the needed change whether it was driven by a wallet or empathy.

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The Tampa Bay football 1976 shirt NFL is still wrong, it isn’t enough to finally embrace BLM or “take a knee,” so long as sports teams continue to exploit indigenous Americans, I will continue to ban them. The NFL needs to force the Washington Redskins and the Kansas City Chiefs teams to change their names if they want to continue participating in the league.

Just do it. It’s easy to say the right thing now that they were obviously on the wrong side of history. Words mean little. Actions speak louder when you suddenly realize that 75% of your team is of color and then do the maths that you wouldn’t have any money or team if it wasn’t for them. If they created a league of their own you would be screwed. Right, move just a bit late.


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