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Aileen Ross Please create a memorial to The Black Cat Father shirt these heroes and lay wreaths annually to remember their sacrifice. Please let this memorial be a place of quiet contemplation that reminds us to appreciate our health and the medical professions who work to protect it. We can argue over politics, preparation, and organization, but these people deserve to be honored and their memories cherished by a grateful nation. This to me is like a world disaster. A nasty disease that took over and cost the lives of so many and wrecked lives.Without the special people helping and trying the best they could to save lives and many were lost in doing so. I just hope and pray this disease will go away very soon and not return. Like many disasters on our planet.

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This is a terrifying time for everyone and to lose a loved one because of their job is devastating. These people chose a career to help and care for others. This should not be happening. Sending love to all their relatives and THANK YOU XXXSadly results are like those from The Black Cat Father shirt front line of a war zone. May we always remember the debt of gratitude we will always hold in our hearts for these forever giving, selfless people. They will be in the nation’s heart and history always.I’m so sorry for your families who have lost such amazing courageous individuals. Selfless, brave, beautiful, and kind angels who have saved so many lives, but lost their own.

Thank you doesn’t seem enough. XxXWhile I know someone taking advantage of this situation to sell medical facemask rather than giving them to the HOSPITALS WHO NEED IT THE MOST- FOR FREE!


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Good quality.The product is firmly packed.Good service.Very well worth the money.Very fast delivery.