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This is beautiful and they are so lucky to The Father Blue Dandy Shirt have this special bond as not everyone has that, so lucky that my son has this with his dad. A very proud Dad, our 3 daughters have finished university & we were very proud of them all. Such a beautiful record of milestones. You are very lucky to have that relationship. Thank you for sharing your beautiful storyGood story! My husband and I also took and picked up our daughters to school from pre-k through high school. Not everyone gets it. How lucky they both have each other. All the best to both. Miss my dad tremendously- someone who accepted me and loved me, just for being me. He was a great friend to me as well as my father. I miss him every day. One of the greatest joys in this world is being a Dad. That’s why it baffles me when some men run from such wonderful experiences, the unbridled love and affection of a child. It goes to show that having a healthy relationship between a parent and their child can help the latter go a long way in life. I loved reading this article.

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I still remember how my dad used to wait for me to The Father Blue Dandy Shirt be back home even as an adult daily and how even 10 mins late would make him so anxious. This is beautiful and all I must agree with. That’s very nice. A good rapport and relationship with your parents go a long way. Wish I had something like that. But, I’m the black sheep of the entire family.

I love that he is proud of his daughter. But we are so lost when we are blown away by a dad just you know being a dad. I wonder if it would have had the same response had they been taken with her mother. I only have 1 treasured photo of my dad he died probably 2 years later. There are so many things he’s missed & obviously, mum might not have had dementia & eventually died of sepsis.


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