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Michael Trevillion She should never have The girl and the cards shirt been sacked, it’s called initiative and any employer should be glad she had it. I think this says more about the employer than the employee. She can do better than work for this inept employer. Wishing her good luck in her future she will be an asset to any business in the retail environment. Kate Huszar, I hope another bakery gives her a better-paid job.  Grossly unfair of the bakery, I would boycott them if we had one here.

The girl and the cards shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies-tee, and v-neck t-shirt

The girl and the cards hoodie
The girl and the cards ladies-tee
The girl and the cards sweater
The girl and the cards v-neck t-shirt
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Mare Katavić She is The girl and the cards shirt working for 8 quid per hour and she can be sacked for this, but Dominic can drive all this way in the middle of the pandemic when people couldn’t go on their children funeral and that’s ok. Jonathan Mark Hulbert Should be reinstated and given a humanitarian award or something, some rules are meant to be broken if it’s helping others and the result is not really hurting anyone else in Townsend That’s beyond fiction. Some people can’t go contactless, and some of those are rather elderly. I understand the wish to prevent transmission, but to sack someone for helping the vulnerable is just appalling. There had to be a better way.

Nina Rachael Aspden 44 years of service and this is how they treat her. Surely a disciplinary would have been sufficient. Sounds like they were looking to get rid and didn’t fancy paying out redundancy. No backbone, no heart. Julie Knight The shop wasn’t out of pocket or didn’t suffer a loss of trade as a result of her using her initiative. As pointed out the customers had already handled the goods. Pamela Hobbs So this kind lady helps customers, encouraging customers to still use the shop and she gets the sack because of coronavirus rules! WHAT ABOUT DOMONIC CUMMINGS! I hope this shop goes under! Pathetic


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