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In the evenings we’d have a healthy dinner at home unless we were out with The hair whisperer leopard shirt at Nicky Blair’s. And after dinner, Louie would write his plays and screenplays, and he’d read them to me as they evolved. He knew I loved to write poetry and encouraged me to keep writing. He fancied us a sort of Dashiell Hammett & Lillian Hellman couple. Back then, I was too afraid to write anything other than poetry. I told him that whenever I would reread what I’d written, it seemed to me silly and trite. And then he gave me the best advice about writing. He said, “I remember feeling that way about my own writing, but you just have to keep writing until you write past that.”

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But on The hair whisperer leopard shirt Sundays by the pool, there were also other people to whom we never spoke. We were told to never make eye contact with, or speak to, a small group of men on the other side of the pool. They were from the east coast and were, as Louie put it, “on the lam”. If we never looked at them, we could never identify them. Louie told me the FBI was always watching Jay’s house. I didn’t know what those men had done, but it was impossible not to steal a glance across the pool every now & then. Frankly, they looked like a bunch of fish out of the water to me, smoking their cigarettes, laying in the sun with their fedoras and slacks on. I’m sure they were also told never to look at or speak to us.


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