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Scott Cherubino It’s a shame how slow the response has been from the federal government. If you don’t think it’s because they’re Hispanic you’re blind. All a Puerto Rican is to Trump is a Mexican with a boat. People you don’t let me to your country clubs and apartment rentals. Alex Burgess James Corden could save The late show with Stephen Colbert shirt baby from a burning building for all I care. He’s still not funny. Christina Wasilevski It s so sadly. The only real help these people get is from celebrities although they deserve help from the government, who in fact should be responsible. Carl Epps Anyone remember the earthquake 7 years ago in Haiti? The MSM was all over it. Obama, Hillary’s Clinton Foundation, scores of celebrities.

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Funds set up. The UN issued a report earlier this year, 2.5 million people are still in desperate need of humanitarian aid. The territory of Puerto Rico was promised much from the previous administration but they were essentially bankrupt. It’s estimated 20 billion will be needed just to get them back to where they were. While the MSM wants to make this a referendum on Trump, it will backfire, and 7 years from now there will be no UN report to show the failure. Steve Boothby Don’t jump all over me as this is The late show with Stephen Colbert shirt an honest question but apart from crying about the Manchester bombing has Corden done anything like this for his home country? Liz Britton Lovely sentiment but will it get to those that need it. What have the Haitians seen of the millions raised for them?


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