There’s a great big beautiful tomorrow shirt


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Regardless of whether the q movement is a, There’s a great big beautiful tomorrow shirt  100% true or not. The ones that are the end product of their parents mating with garden furniture. They’re indoctrinating young children and teens into all of the conspiracy theories. It’s an epidemic somebody needs to report on Russ Goodwin I guarantee Qanon or whatever that has absolutely nothing to do with the actual reason for banning people.

Renate Shine Kimberly Young can you imagine another leader doing this to their citizens and us, the US not saying anything derogatory? Would is pointing the finger talking of civil liberties. Be careful, democracy there is soon to be a memory, cretin creating a police state. Unrest being instigated so November elections can be postponed. God forbid bully in chief loses, his fragile ego can’t handle that so all this being set in place so no elections. Usually a regime’s dying whimper

There’s a great big beautiful tomorrow shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies-tee, and tank top

There's a great big beautiful tomorrow shirt
There's a great big beautiful tomorrow shirt
There's a great big beautiful tomorrow shirt
tank top
There's a great big beautiful tomorrow shirt
v-neck t-shirt

Peter Kaul Brilliant. He feeds the privatized prison system (thereby getting the prison officers on his side while getting donations from the companies running the prisons) while feeding into the more authoritarian aspects of the other arms of law enforcement at the same time making the public the “enemy”. A perfect set up for a full-blown fascist state and the mechanism that he will call on if he loses the election to safeguard his position in the Whitehouse.

Joan Paton “controversial”? Do you think? Un-marked militias pulling citizens off the street in There’s a great big beautiful tomorrow shirt cities run by the Democrats and hauling them off in unmarked vehicles? This is horrifying, not just controversial. PLUS, the President has indicated he will do the same in other DEMOCRAT cities, not in Republican ones. This should be grounds for emergency impeachment. Andy Golborne Interesting that people can walk the streets free from fear. His politics seem to work on a constant state of invented paranoia. Dog whistling. Gaslighting. Julian Swierczek Is he coordinating at all with local forces!?. Either way, it’s a dark day for this country.




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