This girl runs on Jesus and horses shirt



Sanjay N.M. Henriques, I hope she has a This girl runs on Jesus and horses shirt prosperous future. The future of India is bright when people like her show determination and action in times of adversity. God bless her and her family. Roshan India We feel for her, we cherish her grit, love, and bravery as fellow citizens. God bless her & her fly. But we also feel so ashamed to put her in that helpless situation. Colette Cozens What an amazing young woman. I hope when she finishes her education she gets a well-deserved job. Good health & good luck to her.Ann Hazelden What a fantastic daughter whom a lot of parents would be extremely proud of. Good luck to her in the future.

This girl runs on Jesus and horses shirt, t-shirt, hoodie, tank top, ladies-tee, and v-neck t-shirt


This girl runs on Jesus and horses shirt
This girl runs on Jesus and horses shirt
This girl runs on Jesus and horses shirt
tank top
v-neck t-shirt
v-neck t-shirt

Chan May San Yes, with grit & determination, we can overcome difficulties. This girl runs on Jesus and horses shirt brave girl with a big heart! Best wishes to her & speedy recovery to her Dad. Julie Bir, This is a living proof that there’s nothing that a girl cannot do. Poor may lack money, but not courage or strength. Hats off to her. And shame on the poor governance system and society because of whom the poor Is left to suffer. Hope things get better with time and countries like India prospers where no one is left hungry or poor.

Atula Bhagwat-Karody Amazing story of guts and honoring her duty to family, but I’m assuming the BBC story has been re-filmed and enacted. Just saying that- because if it were life, couldn’t they have just given them a ride back? Jackie Dalton What a beautiful young lady to cycle that far and for so long you have shown determination, bravery, you can achieve anything in life you’ve got a bright beautiful future to look forward to good luck and God bless you and your family BBC


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