Three Skulls American flag Independence Day shirt



John Cristopher Nunez Nunez That’s unacceptable!  Do that on a Skulls American flag Independence Day shirt diversity flag!! All people will literally crucify you!!!! Arthur Ambrose Trump America: Where death and rape threats are the norm. Rapists should be castrated by rusty bear traps. We’d see who thinks it’s a joke then. Our country has been perverted by petulant, insecure man-children. Abigail Searcy What she did is disrespectful. I won’t argue. But death and rape threats? If you think that’s ok, there is something wrong with you. Abigail Searcy Wanting to kill or rape someone over a piece of cloth is not a consequence of her action.

Skulls American flag Independence Day shirt, t-shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies-tee, and tank top

v-neck t-shirt
v-neck t-shirt
Skulls American flag Independence Day shirt
tank top
Skulls American flag Independence Day shirt
Skulls American flag Independence Day shirt

It’s a consequence of Skulls American flag Independence Day shirt your mental disorder that you are calling patriotism. Stephen Olenick America land of the free because of the brave. It’s not a piece of cloth it’s a symbol of great courage honor strength commitment the world is better off without this woman and her hate for our great nation. She is inciting terrorism. Rob MacLean In the American Civil War, Union troops would use the American flag as a guidon so they knew where they were in a line of battle. The downside is the flag and color guard was the No. Gavin Lewis If I’m correct, it’s against the law to put an American flag on the floor let alone desecrate it

if that is true then she should be charged, but no one should threaten rape though. Well, one has to draw the line somewhere with freedom of expression. Now, while these things are truly victimless crimes the fact of the matter is one ought to be sensible enough and not go around deliberately provoking reactions out of people. This woman is dumb as are the people who are threatening her. She just wanted attention and a reaction. The people who are threatening her now, are playing in her hand now. by BBC


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