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Why would anyone advise him to do anything that might protect his health? Let him catch the bloody virus, the world will be better off without him. Maybe you’ll get the disease & regret your decision. Selfish think of those people you could be infecting & aren’t you lucky to have a Tigger face mask American #quarantined shirt job with a wonderful resolute desk I truly hope the great American people use their common sense when voting this time around. The petulant child will forever only do the opposite of what is recommended. I can only hope the CDC and his advisors catch on. There’s a pandemic Donald, the world is in lockdown. You’re not going to be greeting any royalty or presidents in the Oval Office with or without your face mask face mask from t shirt

Tigger face mask American #quarantined shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies-tee and tank top

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Best Tigger face mask American #quarantined shirt

Probably a nation is bearing the burns of electing an incompetent person as their leader. My heart goes out to you. Stay safe People! Stay informed. Sadly, this man can’t even overcome his ego long enough to manage to set an example. He’s such a jerk! The virus will go for a long time. His smirky answer to that journalist shows the narcissist inside him. The worst thing about this guy is his clinical lack of empathy. He’s morally vacant. Hey, leave the poor man alone. If he wants to stand next to Tigger face mask American #quarantined shirt people and NOT wear a mask, well……..He’s a politician and a public speaker and the leader of the nation. Public speaking counts on people seeing your face. Not a lot of other leaders are wearing masks either. It’s his choice. He’s not exactly slumming it like the rest of us.


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