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Nothing random in this! Taylor has only done this because of this whole blm rubbish, it’s just so it gives her a good image to Tis the damn season Taylor Swift shirt sell music in this current blm craze! When it all blows over im sure she will do whatever the new craze would be! And secondly, if they loved them here for four years she should be saving up for university, not expecting the state to pay it as everyone does. People will say ‘ that’s nothing to Taylor Swift’ but she’s obviously seen this and decided to help. How great if we could all help one person. Celebrities really so have the ability to make dreams come true with the amount of money they have, and it’s oh so wonderful when they are willing to. Hope she uses it wisely, thousands of students in massive debt but don’t resort to crowdfunding to pay for them, privileges work both ways. Some people have more money than they will ever use before they die. Why not share a little, all people who have more than they need, this is the time to share with the poor, with students, with the ill.FFS what’s wrong with people, doesn’t matter what she’s worth, she’s changed somebody’s life for the better and she didn’t have to do that, well done and thanks for the kindness.

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The Tis the damn season Taylor Swift shirt only difference is the amount which in the grand scale of her income is probably a few quid to her but has helped someone out. So what she got some PR from it. End of the day she didn’t have to but did. What a crappy society we have become shooting people down calling it attention-seeking etc for going a good deed.

It doesn’t affect our lives but has improved the life of the student who will hopefully go on to amazing things. Will Taylor listen to As the Crow Flies by Nathan Williams though. She may have been generous but did she spare her gospel cheer for the very best the shiniest and most pleasing songs since the Bible. Certainly up there with Lennon McCartney Presley Coogan.


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