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It is trending teamwork shirt all very confusing. Just read my 14-year-old daughters back to school letter. Can’t take a bag or books into or out of school. No personal belongings at all. Each year group has a five-minute drop off window. No inter-year mixing, lunch in disposable packaging. Has to sit in the same room all day and teachers change. No PE and not drama (singing etc). But other venues like soft play etc can be open? Believe me, I’m pleased as I have friends with these businesses. But it doesn’t make much sense compared to the measures taken in school. I certainly won’t be taking my kids to a soft play…I feel sorry for people who own such establishments because a lot of people will feel the same but unfortunately, I just feel it’s too soon for this.

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There aretrending teamwork shirt lot of small soft plays that are independent companies that need to open to survive as they are not getting any support. If the parents keep their sick kids away and clean up after them then there won’t be an issue. It’s no worse than a park that people didn’t even stop using in a lot of places. It’s now the parent’s decision if they want to go to play…we must remember every place that remains closed, is likely to never re-open…jobs lost…Children are at a lesser risk. Isn’t it now down to parents to make sure their children are sanitized regularly at these places? It’s about time parents were held accountable for their own children instead of laying the blame on everyone and everything else. Absolute insanity. We are in an accelerating worldwide pandemic of a highly communicable and sometimes fatal disease. I have learned in the last few months that people have lost common sense.


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