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There are countless photos like this with Harry interacting not only with William and Unicorn fuck off I’m baking shirt but also with his other duties. And so I would say the other immediate reaction of the day attending the Commonwealth Day Ceremony was also the sheer upset, and maybe a little delayed shock at the loss Harry was now becoming to digest of his role within the family and more importantly at that particular time his royal role. After all, when others say he hated being a royal, I do not believe for one moment he hated ALL aspects. He certainly did not hate the grace and favors such privileges bestowed upon him. Like everyone doing any particular job, there are aspects one loves and others one detests. Happens to the best of us and no different for Harry. He loved his military role.

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He loved his Unicorn fuck off I’m baking shirt. So on such an auspicious day when he had to perform his last role and had to accept all that he had accomplished in the past was now on the back burners – it was a heartfelt loss. Aside from the immediate reaction to this day, there were the historical repercussions that they brought with them from all that went on before. To summarise briefly, although I know everyone reading this will know: Meghan came in like a breath of fresh air.


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